UMRAH resmi menjadi Anggota IMAREST

Tanjungpinang – As of December 2020, Raja Ali Haji Maritime University has officially become an affiliate member of the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology (IMAREST).

IMAREST itself is an international research institute based in the UK, which is engaged in research and development of marine and maritime science and technology. This institution was founded in 1888.

“The benefit of being a member of IMAREST is that UMRAH can reach out and collaborate with the global maritime community related to the development of Marine science and maritime engineering to exchange ideas and best practices from the IMArest member community,” said UMRAH Rector, Prof. Dr. Agung Dhamar Syakti SPi DEA.

IMAREST has also been recognized by the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia as an accreditation agency for International Study Programs.

“Several campuses in Indonesia have started using IMAREST as an international accreditation institution for marine science study programs such as IPB, ITS, and Padjajaran University,” said Prof. Great.

Prof. Agung then revealed the opportunities that UMRAH could take advantage of through affiliation with IMAREST. One of them is opening up opportunities for student exchanges between IMAREST members who come from higher education institutions.

“In the future, this affiliation with IMAREST will be very strategic for UMRAH, which will try to go international slowly, first going through Southeast Asia, then expanding to Asia Pacific and then the world level,” he said.

UMRAH plans to become a member of IMAREST actually started in 2017, then finally at the end of 2020 UMRAH officially became part of the IMAREST member community.

Editor & Translator : Adi Pranadipa


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