TANJUNGPINANG – The assessor team for the establishment of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (FKIK) at Maritime University Raja Ali Haji (UMRAH) today visited UMRAH to conduct a visitation for the establishment of FKIK UMRAH. This Visitation activity was centered at the Auditorium Building, UMRAH Dompak Campus. Thursday, (1/26/2023).

UMRAH Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Agung Dhamar Syakti, S.Pi, DEA in his remarks at the opening ceremony said that on the way to the establishment of FKIK it requires three things that must be fulfilled including lecturers, curriculum and infrastructure facilities.

“Alhamdulillah, for our lecturers we are supported by lecturers from UNSRI, doctors in the regions and 11 young doctors who we will later send back to school and will become permanent lecturers at FKIK UMRAH.” said the Chancellor.

“For the curriculum itself, we have compiled it with the assistance of the UNSRI Faculty of Medicine Team,” he added.

As for infrastructure facilities, the UMRAH Chancellor said that for now FKIK will use the new UMRAH Dompak Joint Classroom building on the 3rd floor while waiting for the construction of a permanent FKIK Building.

“Various parties have helped, starting from the land that has been donated by the Tanjungpinang City Government to UMRAH and from the Riau Islands Provincial Government,” he explained.

On that occasion the UMRAH Chancellor also expressed his gratitude to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology through the Directorate General of Higher Education, Research and Technology, which has fully supported the establishment of FKIK at UMRAH.

Because according to him, only 4 universities have the opportunity to establish a Faculty of Medicine in Riau Islands Province, Univ. Bangka Belitung in Bangka Belitung Province, Univ. Borneo Tarakan in North Kalimantan Province, and Univ. West Sulawesi in West Sulawesi Province.

“The four universities mandated to establish the Faculty of Medicine are universities located in the periphery or border areas. As mandated by the President of the Republic of Indonesia Joko Widodo, so that development starts from the edge of the border”. Said the UMRAH Chancellor in his speech.

At the end of his speech, Prof. Agung Dhamar Syakti hoped that this determination (the establishment of FKIK UMRAH) could be realized.

Director of Institutionalization at the Directorate General of Higher Education for Research and Technology, Kemdikbud Ristek Dr. Lukman, S.T., M.Hum in his remarks said that every province must have a Faculty of Medicine. According to him, Riau Islands Province is one of 4 provinces that do not yet have a Faculty of Medicine. Therefore the Directorate General of Higher Education Research Technology gave an assignment to UMRAH as a university in the Riau Islands Province to establish a Faculty of Medicine. He hopes that in June 2023 UMRAH can already accept new students at FKIK.

The Governor of Riau Islands, represented by Assistant I for Government and People’s Welfare, Dr. Tengku Said Arif Fadillah in his remarks expressed his full support for the establishment of FKIK UMRAH. In the Governor’s remarks, it was also conveyed that the Riau Islands Provincial Government has provided a large enough budget for the health sector.

In line with the Director of Institutions, the Governor also hopes that in 2023 FKIK UMRAH will be able to accept new students. Not forgetting at the end of his remarks, he also expressed his gratitude to UMRAH for jointly building superior and quality human resources in the Riau Islands Province.

The activity ended with a Plenary Session by the field evaluation assessor team with the reading of recommendations.

Included in the field evaluation team who were present at UMRAH both virtually and in person included Dr. Lukman, S.T., M.Hum., dr. Soetrisno Soemardjo, MA., Prof. Dr. dr. Dany Hilmanto, Sp.A (K)., dr. Liliana Sugiharto, MS .., PAK(K)., Dra. Hj Oos Fatimah Rosyati, M.Kes., dr. Hj Mariatul Fadilah, Sp.KKLP., MARS, Ph.D., dr. Maftuchah Rochmanti, M.Kes., Dr. dr. Ina Rosalina Dadan, Sp.A(K), M.Kes, MH.Kes., and Afdalina, SH, M.Pd.