Community Service, and Quality Assurance

The Institute for Research, Community Service and Quality Assurance (LP3M) is the UMRAH strategic implementing Unit in organizing Research, community service activities and participating in developing the necessary resources.

LP3M is a place to foster a research culture in higher education and encourage the utilization of its results to support the mission of higher education and national development in a sustainable manner and is an institution where science and technology experiences are based on community needs at Raja Ali Haji Maritime University directly to the wider community, institutionalized, professional through scientific methods.

The inherent Quality Assurance entity contributes to the University to improve the Quality of Service to Internal, Stakeholders and the Public by referring to the standards set by the Government in the Higher Education Sector.

Raja Ali Haji Maritime University’s commitment to encourage LP3M as an implementing element in the field of research and community service has mobilized researchers from within UMRAH to explore the existing potential.

Research clusters at the faculty level began to be developed by establishing research and community service centers in the faculty or interdisciplinary research centers.

Research & Study Center

Under LP3M, UMRAH Established multiple Research and Service Centers for implementing Research on various Research Topics, Managing the Student Community Services, and service for Institutional Development.

  • Research Center for Maritime Economic 
  • Research Center for Public Policy and Society
  • Center For Quality Assurance
  • Research Center for Coastal and Ocean Resources
  • Research Center for Malay Civilization, Education, Social and Culture
  • Center for Intellectual Property Rights
  • Center for Southeast Asian Studies and Border Area Management
  • Career Development and Training Center
  • Center for Publishing and Scientific Publications / UMRAH Press
  • Center for Technology Innovation and Promotion
  • Center for Learning Development 
  • UMRAH Training Center
  • Center for Rural and Population Studies
  • Center for Halal Product Studies
  • Consultation and Legal Aid Center
  • Student Community Service Management Center
  • Center for Women, Gender and Children Empowerment
  • Center for Environmental Research
  • Research Center for Maritime Technology 

Featured Journal

Jurnal Gantang

Jurnal Gantang with registered number ISSN 2503-0671(Print) ISSN 2548-5547(Online) contains articles of research results and literature reviews in the field of Mathematics and Mathematics Education.  The brand name Gantang was inspired by the name of a mass measuring instrument for the Malay community

Pedagogi Hayati

Pedagogi Hayati is a peer-reviewed open access scientific journal published by Department of Biology Education with registered number ISSN: 2503-0752(Print) 2579-4132(Online).Pedagogi Hayati publishes research report, research note, critical analysis, and review in the scope of biology education. 

Jurnal Selat

Jurnal Selat with registered number ISSN 2354-8649(Print) ISSN 2579-5767(Online) contains articles of research results and literature reviews in the field of law studies such as Civil Law, Criminal Law, Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, Business Law, Customary Law, Maritime Law, and International Law.


Sustainable Journal with registered number ISSN 2087-5347(Print) ISSN 2615-6334(Online). Sustainable is a Journal of Research Results and Applied Industry in the technology environment, especially in the fields of Electrical Engineering & Information Engineering and Marine Technology