Vision and Mision

Center for excellence in higher education, research , Mari-Sociopreneurship and Maritime Culture in ASEAN

UMRAH Mission

  • Organizing and developing education with maritime content that is cultured and has an international reputation;
  • Developing science, technology, arts and culture through maritime-based research and innovation with international reputation;
  • Utilizing and disseminating research and innovation results that have a maritime perspective and have an international reputation;
  • Building institutional cooperation with various domestic and foreign parties to accelerate the development, strengthening and achievement of leading institutions at the international level.


  • Realizing quality, cultured, maritime-minded education by integrating scientific concepts and Malay cultural values ‚Äč‚Äčthat are universal in the tridharma activities of Higher Education;
  • Realizing effective, efficient, creative, and productive university governance as well as educational institutions with a maritime perspective and international reputation;
  • Producing graduates who are competent and superior in the fields of science, technology, arts, and sports with maritime insight;
  • To establish institutional cooperation in supporting the strengthening of institutions with international reputation.